Environmental Philosophy and Policies

Social and Environmental Activities

Environmental Protection and the Pursue of Quality

With the global awareness of environmental issues, we at Global Electronics are very cognizant that the preservation of the environment has become of paramount significance to mankind. So, in order to minimize the impact of our business on the environment, we not comply with relevant laws and regulation, but we also fulfill our social responsibilities as a company, by raising awareness of environmental conservation activities, promoting management, and realizing continuous improvements to our operations.

Social Responsibilities

We at Global Electronics are fully aware that our activities have an effect, both directly an indirectly, on the world we live. To contribute to the resolution of these worldwide issues, we strive to share our social responsibilities with our suppliers and business partners.


Code of Conduct (Japanese)

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Certifying Body ASR Co., Ltd.
Certifications ISO 14001:2015
JIS Q 14001:2015
Activities Sale and stocking of semiconductors, integrated circuits and electronic components
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Distribution Center(Kashiwa, Chiba Prefecture)
Osaka Sales Office(Osaka)
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Technology Development Center (Tokyo)
Registration No. E1496
Registered on 2004/7/2
Revised 2022/4/27
Expiration 2025/7/1
ISO14001 Certificate
Global Electronics ISO 14001:2022 Certificate Appendix